Goodbye School!

Man, it’s been a crazy year. I started to finally take my YouTube page seriously. My Girlfriend and I have lasted this whole time. I’ve gotten to meet some truly amazing people and done a lot of really cool stuff. But what now? What are my plans for the future? Well I’m changing. I tried…

Revamping our Podcast!

Hey guys, with a new set, new equipment, and a new format we’re going to be releasing our podcast with the same frequency but we’re going to be talking about more current, recent topics. This upcoming one we will discuss The Spider-Man trailer and the Thor- Ragnar Trailer.


  Hey Guys, Dallas and Charles are going to start reacting to different fan films that different people have made! You can find them here:

Another new series!??!

Hey guys we released another video today! Our top videos are gonna be a Tuesday thing, and we’re gonna be releasing them weekly.

Movie Dive!

Hey guys in order to bring you some regular content we’re gonna be starting a few new series. One of these will be called Movie Dive and will basically be a movie review show where I talk about a classic movie and what I like/ didn’t like about each one. be sure to keep a…

New Podcast Set?

Hey guys I’m glad to tell you that we got our hands on a new set to start recording our podcasts. we still have to finish building it but when it’s done we can assure you it’s gonna look like a professional recording set.

Channel Update?

Hey guys pretty soon I’m gonna be putting up a channel update just to give a heads up as to what’s changing!

Working on some CGI test footage so I can better understand the tech for our upcoming video!