Goodbye School!


Man, it’s been a crazy year. I started to finally take my YouTube page seriously. My Girlfriend and I have lasted this whole time. I’ve gotten to meet some truly amazing people and done a lot of really cool stuff. But what now? What are my plans for the future?

Well I’m changing. I tried the YouTube channel thing and I didn’t give it the proper attention it needed. That changes this year. I’m starting a vlog series. In this weekly series I’m going to be chronicling my journey as a filmmaker from start to finish. Everything from the ZZ Top concert I went to last week to my trip to Italy I’ll be taking next week.

But what are my practical plans for the future? Well I’m going to be going to college. There is a nice nearby community college near my house called Central Texas College and I’m going to be attending it to get an Associates in some kind of computer technology. Something practical for the future.

And finally I’m going to need to get a job after Italy. When I get said job I need to start saving for the future. Filmmaking doesn’t come cheap.

You guys don’t have to worry about anything. I’m still going to keep videos coming out starting June. You guys will still get to see my ugly face a few times a week.

Until then, I have a final exam to take. See you guys later!


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